About us

Our Story

Desu is a unique social platform for content creators and their subscribers to support and interact with each other. Desu’s goal is to provide any content creator an alternative payment solution to old financial institutions through decentralized technology like cryptocurrency and NFT’s. Desu aims to bridge the gap between decentralized finance and mainstream finance by providing users a product that solves problems mainstream finance cant. Our mission is to provide content creators complete control over their subscription payments, that means:

  • No charge backs
  • No holding periods
  • No job insecurity, financial gatekeeping, and deplatforming

Cryptocurrency transactions performed on Desu are entirely peer to peer, we never have access to users' funds or private keys! What's yours is yours! Here some more key benefits of Desu:

  • Instant payments
  • Complete control
  • Miniscule transaction fees
  • Lifetime Royalties
  • No limits on transactions
  • Crowdfunding with Proof of Support
  • Payments by the Second!

The Desu team has been working very hard to bring the vision of Desu to life while still maintaining the true spirit of crypto. We believe in providing value first. Here are a few more key points about us:

  • No ICO
  • No VC investors
  • No Token (yet)
  • Completely bootstrapped
  • Working product